Thursday, 17 September 2015

Body Jewellery Shop Product Review

I haven't had much to write about at the minute, but I was lucky enough to be gifted 2 lovely ear piercings from Body Jewellery Shop. If you haven't heard of them, they're a website that sells all the kinds of piercings you could need!

Now, I'm the first to admit that I never stray from my own piercing shop. I always visit the same one when I'm at home, and I find it hard to trust anywhere else as I have had such great experiences with the one I visit. Since I moved to Newcastle, I'm yet to find one that I love and there's nothing better than being able to shop from your own bed. That's where Body Jewellery Shop comes in! After seeing many great reviews before about them, I thought it would be great to try a few products, for me and for you!

The first item I was sent was this cute little ear cuff! When the cuff is on, it looks like you have two hoops through your ear next to each other. This item is a bargain at only £1.49! The rings also come in different colours and you can get ones with the metal balls in so it looks like a ball closure ring. The ear cuff can be worn on either ear.

There are also products with more than 2 rings available but I already have one ring in my ear so I didn't want to have too much.

The second item I was sent was this BioFlex labret stud. I opted for this item because I have never used this type of piercing before and I felt that if I haven't when I have a total of 10 piercings, many other people may not have done! The stud was really small so I found it a bit fiddly at first to get in but that was mainly because I was trying to get it into my tragus, which as many of you may know, is the most difficult piercing to get into place! This stud would also look great in a helix piercing. The piercing felt really comfy and I loved the little small crystal on the head of the stud. I think this stud is a great price at £3.95 as I am usually prepared to pay around £12 for a stud which I know is comfortable in my ear. In the image the stud is in my tragus (the small bit of cartilage on the inner side of the ear).

These BioFlex studs come in many different shapes and sizes so I would definitely recommend having a look on as they have such an amazing collection for all your piercing needs!

I would like to say thank you to Body Jewellery Shop for gifting these items to me, and I hope to work with you again in the future as I am an ear piercing addict, so I'm sure I'll have a new one soon which needs a lovely new stud in!

As always my review is honest and my own opinion. These items were gifted to me by Body Jewellery Shop through EtailPR.

Thanks for reading!
Sally x

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Always Happy to Help!

So my friend has an interview coming up at MAC cosmetics, and she had to practice her make up application and take photos for a portfolio. So of course, I offered up my services! Here are the results:

Hope you like the look!
I've not been blogging much lately, but I will be back very, very soon!
Sally x

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

AW15 | Wishlist | Inspiration

As we will eventually wave away the last of the summer weather, we also say goodbye to summer fashion. We're currently transitioning into autumn/winter fashion. For AW15, I am creating my wishlist.

ASOS Abbott Suede Fringe Ankle Boots £38
Image from
I've said in previous posts that I absolutely love fringe! These boots also come in tan so I'm really stuck which ones I love the most!
You can get these here.

ASOS Jumper Dress in Ripple Stitch £35
Image from
I love wearing jumper dresses because they're just so comfy and versatile. I would probably pair this with a belt if I was going to wear it as a dress with a pair of leggings during winter just to keep my legs warm! I would also love to wear it either with a pair of ankle boots or knee length boots!
You can find this here.

BDG Stripe Casual Playsuit in Mono £39
Image from
I love this playsuit! It's perfect for everyday wear! It's baggy in all the right places so it'd be super comfy for absolutely everything. This is the kind of thing that is right up my street!
You can get this from here.

Mi-Pac Black Elephant Pencil Case £8
Image from
So this item isn't "strictly speaking" a style item, but it's still on my wishlist. As I move into my second year of my degree, I am vowing to become a little more organised when it comes to university! As simple as it seems, it starts with getting a new pencil case. Last year, I didn't even use mine and as a result was constantly rummaging through my bag to find a pen when I needed it! This pencil case is great at £8, it's not cheap enough that I won't bother using it but still not too expensive for a pencil case! It's also adorable!
You can find this here.

Cheap Monday Stretch Knot Jumper £50
Image from
I love the colour of this jumper, it'd be great for just throwing on with a pair of leggings and converse (like in the image) for going down to my lectures as the weather gets a bit colder! I like the knot front because it makes the jumper a bit more interesting!
This can be found here.

Sparkle & Fade Rib Dolman Jumper £39
Image from
What I love about this jumper is that it's not too thick! Perfect for autumn, rather than winter! I also like the colour because it's really simple to dress up or down, with just about anything! Perfect for throwing on during those cold, early mornings! (Which I actually plan on peeling myself out of bed for this year)!
You can get this here.

Elephant Map Leather Watch £24
Image from
So, you might be able to tell that I'm a massive Urban Outfitters fan! This watch is so cute, I love it! I have a Marc Jacob's Baker watch with leather straps, but I don't really like wearing it everyday because I'm always scratching the face while I'm at work! This would be perfect for wearing everyday as it's not too expensive, so wouldn't be as gutting if I scratched the face! The tan leather would also go with anything, so a massive bargain!
You can get this watch here.

Self Tie Shirt Dress in Grey £36
Image from
I love this shirt dress. I like that you tie it yourself so you can add a bit more shape to it. I saw a lady working in Topshop wearing this dress and thought it looked absolutely amazing on! I think it's so versatile because it could be worn through summer with a pair of sandals or during autumn/winter with a pair of knee high boots!
This can be found here.

Black Leather-Look Stretch Over the Knee Boots £44.99
Image from
At the minute, what I really want is a pair of knee boots with a rubber sole! The reason being: GRIP! I hate when my boots don't have enough grip, especially as it starts to get colder and wetter! There's nothing worse than not being able to wear a pair of shoes that you love from fear of falling on your bum! It's all great wearing a gorgeous outfit until you make a fool or yourself when you end up on the floor! These ones look like they have a rubber sole but I would have to investigate in the store for a pair with great grip, New Look are my go to for shoes like this!
You can find these here.

Suede Shopper £59.99
Image from
I love oversized bags because you can fit absolutely EVERYTHING in them! This bag would match perfectly with the first item on my list: the suede fringe ankle boots! The bag is a little pricey but it's definitely an investment which is worth it because an expensive bag is generally good quality, which is going to last you for ages! This bag would be ideal for going back to university so that I can lug all my books around (and my new pencil case)! Organisation is everything!
You can grab this here.

Wishlist total: £373.98
Verdict: Okay, maybe I'll look for a few cheaper alternatives, but I feel these items are worth the price tags!

Thanks for reading my wishlist post! Let me know: what's on your wishlist for autumn/winter! Have you found any cheaper alternatives! I always appreciate a bargain!

Sally x

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Friday, 14 August 2015

22 Questions I Still Have About Pretty Little Liars | A Reveal | Game Over Charles

So after watching the Pretty Little Liars mid-season finale on Wednesday morning, I realised I still have so many questions!
I mean, I may be forgetting some key things which may lead to the answers of these questions so any help would be appreciated! Let me know any of your thoughts on the finale and the "A" reveal.

So hear are my main questions:

Who killed Mrs Dilaurentis?
Cece didn't actually tell us who killed her, she just basically said that Mrs D was already dead when she got there. Can we really trust her though? Also, who buried her?

Who is Bethany's Dad and how did he fit into all of this?
Cece says that Bethany was going to kill Mrs D (before she herself, got killed) because she found out that Mrs D was having an affair with her Dad but I feel there is more to this story.

Are Jason and Kenneth Dilaurentis okay?
Alison asked "why would you kill them?" and Cece replied "don't be so dramatic - they're not dead, yet.". She didn't actually say that they're going to be okay. For that matter, why did she want Jason to hear everything she was saying? From what Mona said, they were drugged and couldn't move or react but could still hear everything. But what did Jason do to make her do this to him?

Why did Cece date Jason?
I mean I know why I would date him, but Jason was Cece's little brother, and she knew this. 
My only guess realistically is that as Marlene King has said, they decided on this storyline 4 years ago, which would be after the first couple of seasons had aired. By this point I think we already knew that Cece and Jason had dated which they couldn't now go back on.
However, I don't really care about the real life justification! I want to know why Cece dated him when he was her little brother!

Who was the little girl ghost?
We've seen this little girl a couple of times but we still don't know who she is!

How does Sara fit in?
How did Cece and Sara know each other? Why was Sara so prepared to do Cece's dirty work?

Who is after Ali at the end of the episode, and why?
The girls say "He's coming for you" so we can only assume this doesn't mean Cece, so who? Why?!

What happens to Cece at the end?
Does Cece go to jail, or does she go back to being in a mental facility?

What happens during the five year time jump?
I've heard rumours before this episode even aired that there would be a five year time jump and we will get to see a wedding - I assume Alison is married as we see her write "Mrs. Rollins" on the board at the end of the episode. Are any of the other liars married, or still with the people they were with at the end of the series? I'm hoping Ezra and Aria are still an item along with Hanna and Caleb of course!
Why did Mona try to kill Ali then help her get away?
Considering Mona is usually the smartest of all the cast - where is the logic in this?
Where does Leslie Stone fit in?
Was she just another red herring to confuse us? And what's with those fake glasses?

Mona wanted to hear how the story ended, did she actually find out?
Because, well, we didn't!

Are Mona and Mike going to get back together?
They were pretty cute together!

Is Mona going to be in trouble for faking her death?
You'd think she would be, wouldn't you?
Actually what did happen to Mona?!
We didn't see her at the end of the episode, so, where is she?!

Is Maya alive?
This is one of the questions that has been flying around the PLL fan world for a long time. If Maya isn't dead then how did she fit in? If she is dead, then who killed her?

What did Maya know?

"Miss Aria You're A Killer Not Ezra's Wife", Mona said this while in Radley. Hanna had explained they made their own language where you take the first letter from every word. This spells out MAYA KNEW. Maya was living in the Dilaurentis household, so did she know that Charles existed?

How many red coats are there?
We have seen 3 - Ali, Cece and now Sara Harvey. Are there any more?

Is Wren good or bad?
Some things about Wren just don't seem to add up, and he always seems pretty shifty!

What was the NAT club all about?
I mean, this has never really been answered.

What is the whole Varjack thing?
Holly Golightly, Varjack, all of that stuff, where does it all fit in?

What was the obsession with the prom?
Why did Charles dress up like that for the prom is he wanted to get away from that identity?

And now we have to wait until 2016 to find out any of these answers!

Let me know if you have any more questions or any answers! I hope you liked my PLL related post!
Thank you for reading!
Sally x

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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Just a short post!

I've just set up a mailing list for Sally Speaks!
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In the mailing list I will send updates when I have written a new post, and general news if I have not been writing posts.
Please feel free to join the list!
Sally x

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Saturday, 8 August 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy | Out Of My Comfort Zone

So I thought I'd do a short post about things that make me happy. It's slightly out of my comfort zone as I don't really always write about myself. I felt that as readers you may not know an awful lot about me and this would be a nice way to introduce myself a little more.
1)Fashion - obviously
2)Remembering it's Wednesday and there's a new episode of Pretty Little Liars
3)Gossip Girl (watching it on repeat)
4)Reading Looking for Alaska, over and over
5)My boyfriend
6)Getting a maths question correct (nerdy, right?!)
7)Hollyoaks, Made in Chelsea, all things E4 really
8)Hot baths
9)My family
10)My little westie
11)Bike rides
12)Buying new make up, even though I hate spending money
13)New shoes
14)Going on holiday
15)Getting a tan
16)Doing better than I thought on a test
17)The fault in our stars (even though it makes me sad too)
18)Ansel Elgort
19)Rugby players (Hull KR!)
20)Peanut butter M&Ms
21)Burton's fish and chips
22)Peppermint tea
23)Music when you can hear something within a song, like the guitarist, or the drummer, or a little riff in a singers voice
24)My friends
25)Rain when I'm trying to sleep
26)The smell after it's rained
27)Fairy lights
28)Animals, like just watching them doing anything
29)Having a really long sleep when I need it (which is pretty much all the time)
30)The OC
31)One tree hill (is anyone seeing a pattern?)
32)Gilmore Girls
33)Shoes when you've worn them in just right so they're so comfy, but not falling apart just yet
34)Getting really excited to read a new book
35)Blogging and knowing someone, somewhere is reading what I write, and hopefully enjoying it!
36)Train journeys
37)Seeing things that you've always wanted to see
39)Feeling at home with my distant family
40)When I get deja vu, even though it's freaky, it feels familiar
41)Ben and Jerrys cookie dough
42)Goats cheese pizza from pizza hut
43)Disney, like anything Disney, I'm not even joking
44)Pick and Mix (aka me and my brother asking for 100 of the red and black berry sweets)
45)Getting my braces off and finally loving my teeth
46)Finally being able to get my sunglasses out for summer
47)Same with a bikini
48)Getting my contact lense in the right way round, first time
49)Fitting into an old item of clothing when I think I've put on weight
50)My friends, old and new

Thanks for reading, let me know what makes you happy!
Sally x

Dress Like Gossip Girl | Inspiration | Blair Waldorf | My Top 12

Morning Upper East siders,
Sally here.

As I did a post on my top 12 Serena Van Der Woodsen outfits yesterday, and I did say that I am Team Blair, I thought it was only right to do my Blair Waldorf post today!
Queen B is the daughter of fashion designer Eleanor Waldorf, who actually uses Abigail Lorick's lines as her fictional lines. So as you can imagine, Blair herself is also a "dictator of taste" as she is described by the Upper East sides very own writer - Dan Humphrey.

Season 1 Episode 7
It wouldn't quite be a top 12 of Blair's outfits if I didn't include one of Blair's school uniforms. I mean if I had dressed like this for school, I wouldn't have actually minded going! I remember wearing those type of tights to primary school and never realised just how cool they could actually look! Where can I get some please?! Of course, the outfit is topped off with Blair's signature - the headband.

Season 2 Episode 1
This outfit is so cute! Perfect for a lovely summer bike ride. The full outfit goes together, the headband, the dress and the shoes! Not to mention the colours also match Blair's bike! I love the collaring on the dress giving it a real 1950's vintage look! Amazing!

Season 4 Episode 1
This dress is stunning. I love the belted waist with the embellished details. This dress Blair wears in Paris. It's perfect for walking around Le Louvre and the bold coloured bag really stands out from the dress and brings out the orange tones.

Season 4 Episode 11
This outfit is something I would definitely wear! A pretty simple blouse tucked into a structured skirt. You can see how her school uniform fashion has really inspired this look. I also love the tights as they're so detailed, making sure her look is as interesting as it ever is!


This outfit is so cute and girly! It completely juxtaposes Blair's character as we all know she's a schemer! She's even scheming in this very scene as she wears this cute outfit. You'd think butter wouldn't melt! I love all the baby pink details in this outfit, right down to the pom poms on her laces.

Season 4 Episode 4
Another stunning and very girly outfit from Blair. The flowing dress is made structured by the belt that pinches in her waist. The patent black belt and shoes slightly toughens up this look, reminding us that Blair has a tough exterior but underneath she's girly and sentimental, like this look!

Season 4 Episode 8
I love the structure of this outfit. Her shoes! I'm in love. I don't know what else to say about this outfit because I just love absolutely everything about it!

Season 5 Episode 2
Blair Waldorf style 101: colour coordinate. All of Blair's outfits are colour coordinated, but I have never seen anything like this! The colours are very bold and really work with her colour complexion.

Season 3 Episode 22
Another amazing colour coordinated outfit! If you can't colour coordinate your full outfit, always try to match your shoes and your bag! This can be seen in so many of Blair's outfits which is why they all work so well! This outfit is perfect for a cold day.

Season 5 Episode 6
The bold colours are absolutely stunning. I love the fruity prints and of course the headband with matching strappy sandals with a giant buckle on the side, adding a bit more detail! I love the detailing on the transition of the top to the skirt.

Season 4 Episode 2
This Oscar De La Renta dress. This is one of my very favourite Blair outfits, so much so I couldn;t decide if this should be my top spot outfit! What more can be said? The detailing is amazing. The red works amazingly with Blair's dark hair. The ruffles are absolutely stunning. If I was going to be running around Paris, I would want to be doing it in this dress! The colour of the shoes and the bag match amazingly.

Season 6 Episode 10
This Elie Saab dress tops off the most amazing of Blair's outfits.
{Spoiler alert}
The perfect wedding for Blair just wouldn't be right without a headband would it?
This sheer blue dress is just perfect. The flower detailing is amazing. I would love to have this as my wedding dress! Elie Saab please gift this to me!

I hope you liked my Gossip Girl fashion special! Let me know your thoughts on my top 12! What's your favourite Blair outfit?!

**Images are linked to the websites that they came from. These are not my own images.